The non orthodox arrangements,Victoria’s inusual voice and sytle , a sound that travel comfortably in tension , plus a extra powerful live performance and a tireless search for overflowing the limits of Tango as musical genre have converted Altertango on a cult band¨ …telam , may 2011


Victoria Di Raimondo and Elbi Olalla, created in early 2000, a tango duet in which filters the influences of both girls long career in rock, jazz and electronic music, this was the beggining of two intense years of work in different Mendoza stages/

Their breakthrough into the incipient generation of new tango was a huge success and soon a lot of people of all ages was talking about this duet.

In the years after that they included in the band guitar , bass , drums and the incomparable sound of bandoneon . With the current formation ( bass , bandoneon , drums , piano and voice ) they finished adjusting a very powerful sound that , mixed with the originality of the arrangement and the unusual dynamic range of Victoria’s voice have reached to be a personal and not easy forgettable label .

The repertoire included traditional and modern tangos , milongas, candombes, songs origined on Argentine rock and their own compositions.

During 2003 and 2004 have organized two editions of the cycle NEW DIRECTIONS OF MUSIC, with great call in Mendoza, Santiago and Valparaiso, with the presence of artists from Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Are chosen as best group of tango by the Los Andes de Mendoza, their second independently produced album, is released on the label MDR Records in December 2004.

In 2005, it began with a tour of Chile, presenting his show different places: Santiago, Valparaiso, Reñaca and Vitacura, among others.
Between March and April, the band made a tour of some European countries, which began with the presence of it in the “6th World Summit of Tango, Sevilla 2005″ and continues for other European cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ??Stockholm and Toulouse.

In September 2006, the band began recording their third album, while touring various venues in the country: Tango Festival Young (The Skirt), Festival Patagonia y Tango (Bariloche), Civic Square (Rosario), etc.. In December, received the “Premio Scenario”, awarded by the Journal One of Mendoza.

2007 begins with the presentation of “TORMENTA, her third album, after the great Enrique Santos Discépolo. The album was recorded at the Fader Records, and edited by MDR Records. The same has been presented in Mendoza (Teatro Independencia, Americanto, Theatre Plaza de Godoy Cruz Ruben Juarez, 82 th Anniversary Independence Theater) and in different cities of our country such as Buenos Aires (Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso, Notorious, Cultural Center of the Cooperation, Young Tango Festival) Bariloche (Patagonia and Tango Festival) and San Luis (Festival Just Daract), and in Chile (Embassy Cultural “Ibero-American Summit of Presidents”, La Piedra Feliz, International Music Festival of Immigrants).

In 2009 they released their 4 th album,MELODRAMAS also published by MDR discs and presented in Mendoza, Valparaiso (Chile) and on a tour that spanned several cities in Europe.

In 2010 toured distinas Buenos Aires and Argentine cities like LA PAMPA AND TRELEW with great acceptance from the audience and rave reviews from the press. Show also presented the anniversary of the band “10 years in a parade in the opposite” with enormous repercussions, Independence theater, the largest theater of Mendoza and Valparaiso, Chile.

During 2011, Altertango has performed in various clubs of Buenos Aires: “Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso,” Patio of the Chapter of the National Cycle “Live Music Radio Rivadavia” MICA “A Convention Argentina”, Club Atlético Fernández Fierro “Festival Radio Caff “Tango Festival of Buenos Aires” new tango “” Bicentennial House “Presentation of the CD A Convention Argentina; Cycle” Echoes “and Alliance Francaise along with 34 PUNALADAS
Also performed several concerts in Chile: Festival “Valparatango 2011″, “Diego Rivera Theatre” in Puerto Montt, “Thelonious Jazz Club” in Santiago and “Happy House in Valparaiso.” Besides a tour in different cities of Brazil

During 2012 Altertango traveled by Chile , Brasil and different cities of Argentina and prepared material for their first release for ACQUA records , Fargüest , containing 10 original songs .
Fargüest was financed by a very successful crowd funding project and was recorded in one single session on very prestigious recording studio , ION , on 2013 . That year the album was officially presented on Mendoza in TANGO POR LOS CAMINOS DEL VINO , festival . Also Altertango traveled to WOMEX ,on Cardiff that year and promoted the album and the concerts , with a performance in AMSTERDAM .

ON 2014 FARGÜEST is officially released in Buenos Aires with a very enthusiastic reception of audiences and critics . ALtertango traveled all 2014 through Argentina ( Rosario , Cordoba , San Rafael , Buenos Aires , etc ) on the FARGÜEST TOUR .

On 2015 they started participating in the BIENAL DEL FIN DEL MUNDO in the city of Mar del Plata , also presented FARGÜEST in Chile with three awesome concerts in the cities of SANTIAGO and their beloved VALPARAISO , with great success ( GAM , PCDV , CASA DE LA CULTURA DE LA FLORIDA ) and also participated in the X FESTIVAL CAMBALACHE ( Ciudad Konex , Buenos Aires )and TANGOS NUEVOS EN VENDIMIA , ( Espacio Le Parc , Mendoza ) while preparing their first tour by USA and their fourth European tour and the 15 Years concert on Teatro Independencia , Mendoza. brujula1

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