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Altertango , the iconic alternative tango band based in Argentina with more tan 15 years since its creation , five studio albums , several world tours and lots of fans all over Argentina , Brasil , Chile , Spain, Switezerland , Sweden, USA , France and other countries ; re creates itself in an instrumental format with a repertoire made up of songs from their different albums, classics and works by their Tango Siglo XXI colleagues, in a musical journey that goes through times and composers, its powerful and recognizable sound that mixtures chamber music , rock , jazz , experimental and tango , with dexterity and intensity .

With this format Altertango, also, introduces the modality of inviting different friends : singers, intruments performers and dancers, always subscribing to the idea of building bridges with the cities they visit and with the different artists, cultures and the places , interchanging music and friendship, being the passion for traveling and sharing music, one of the defining characteristics of Altertango

That is how in his 2016 European tour they shared venues with Andres Leoni (Tangatos), Aureliano Marin (Aureliano Tango Club, Aureliano y la Fangorquesta), Tango Tenerife, Cristina Padron Peñalver (Tango for five) and in Mendoza at Teatro Independencia with the prestigious group 34 Puñaladas, with whom they also shared a date at CAFF, in the city of Buenos Aires., among other artists as Juan Pablo Fernandez (Acorazado Potemkin , Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes ) Alfredo Piro y Natalia Lagos , and in their recent tour by different cities of Chile ( Puerto Montt , Valparaiso , Santiago ) , sharing with locals Natacha Traiman , Moa Edmunds and different dance companies.

They are now focusing on Brasil tour 2017 and in the recording of an EP with their renewed format , already welcomed favorably by the critics and the public of the different cities visited during the 2016. Tirelessly trying to challenge and to link tradition and vanguard.
Its current musicians are: Pablo Conalbi, drums; Ezequiel Acosta, bandoneón; Gerardo Lucero, electricand double bass and Elbi Olalla, piano.


“Altertango triumphs in Canary Islands and now goes tu Switzerland ¡

“Great succes of Altertango in their Canary Islands tour . “

“The most vanguardist tango without quitting their roots .”

“ Tango remakes itself ”

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